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Allgemein. Um das Tastaturlayout so einzustellen, dass es mit der deutschen Tastatur zurecht kommt sind folgende Schritte nötig: Im SCP unter dem Punkt Einstellungen -> VNC Keyboard Layout das gewünschte Tastaturlayout auswählen. Bei Verwendung einer deutschen Tastatur empfiehlt sich de A similar restriction occurs across other VNC Servers - the solution is to either switch to a keyboard layout on the VNC Viewer computer that is capable of producing the required character, or to use the Special Characters dialog, available from the Edit menu of most Mac applications I connect to my ubuntu 11.10 machine from windows trought VNC (ultraVNC or tightVNC), and the keyboard layout is wrong. In both PC I use an spanish keyboard, and works ok, but when I'm using ubuntu trought VNC, some keys are changed, (i.e. - becomes /, etc) To clarify the basic problem is the computer with VNC Viewer has one keyboard layout and the computer with VNC Server that is also running the VM Ware guest has another keyboard layout. On top of this the OS installed on the VM guest will have its own keyboard layout

Layout der Linux-Konsole auf deutsch, VNC-Eingabe auf en-us und Windows auf EN. Nur damit bekomme ich eine korrekte Eingabe über eine deutsche Tastatur hin (sogar Umlaute!). So muss ich nur, wenn ich das VNC-Browserfenster offen habe, die Windows-Eingabe auf englisch umstellen (siehe Screenshot). Windows macht diese Angabe ja fensterabhängig - wechsle ich ein anderes Fenster ist dort wieder deutsch als Eingabe. Nur innerhalb des Browsers muss ich dann manchmal umschalten (was. The standard key handling in VNC protocol is a very bad match for virtualization because it involves sending X keysyms to the server. Hardware scancodes on the VNC client machine are turned into key syms, which are sent to QEMU, which then turns them back into harware scancodes which sends them to the guest which turns them back into key syms again. For this to stand any chance of working at all, the keymaps on your local laptop needs to match the keymap set in QEMU, which needs. MAC OS X VNC (Screen Sharing) erwartet Eingaben nach den US Keyboard Layout und übersetzt diese ins eingestellte, lokale Format z.B. deutsch. Also muss man im VNC Viewer, egal welcher, mit Shift+LinkeAlt-Taste das Tastatur -Layout auf US umstellen und die Charakter werden auf MAC Seite wieder richtig ins deutsche Format übersetzt Der Viewer selbst scheint keinerlei Einstellmöglichkeuten bezüglich des verwendeten Tastatur-Layouts zu haben. Innerhalb von Mac OS X ist natürlich auch das deutsche Layout eingestellt

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Re: Incorrectly keyboard layout switching works. by redge » 2009-11-22 10:45. did you try to enabled japanese keyboard on winvnc admin properties ? (mean international keyboard) then restart winvnc or close winvnc and try again. both side must have same language keyboard So if you press that key while the client is using a Finnish keyboard layout, the TurboVNC Viewer will transmit a + keysym to the server. The server must figure out how to generate a series of fake key events that will produce that symbol In our office we have an intel mac mini, setup with an english version of 10.4, set to keyboard layout Azerty (belgian layout). When we connect from another computer (mac and pc) with a vnc client, then the keyboard layout changes to qwerty. Not fysically I mean, but typing through the vnc windows requires us to type in qwerty layout mode Mein Mini mit 10.10.5 läuft als VNC Server mit der Dateifreigabe, Entfernte Anmeldung sowie Entfernte Verwaltung. Wenn ich mich nun mit UltraVNC oder RealVNC (spielt keine Rolle) darauf verbinde dann spielt die Tastenverbindung verrückt Das z und y ist vertauscht wie bei der Ami Tastatur, aber bei dem Layout ist ja dann der Bindestrich beim ß, jedoch ist beim ß die Ziffer 6 (ja wirklich.

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Logical keyboard layout PC: German. VNC mapping. Logical keyboard layout Mac: German. Physical keyboard layout Mac: German. keyboard remote-desktop. Share. Improve this question . Follow edited Feb 22 '16 at 15:20. testing. asked Feb 22 '16 at 13:12. testing testing. 694 3 3 gold badges 11 11 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. 11. This is a guess because of the mixture of keyboards but try. And 10.5.x built-in as well as Vine VNC servers. The mini has an Alphagrip keyboard with US+Finnish layouts. The client PCs have Finnish layout typically, also US or German. Problem is that any pipe, tilde, @ etc special characters typed through the clients end up as umlauts or other characters in the VNC We are connecting via Intel AMT and the integrated VNC (or Ultra VNC) to machines. Everything works great, but on machines which have NOT US Keyboard Layout as the local Layout on the local PC, the spcial characters are completly wrong on the host machine. How could that be fixed, so we get the correct characters on the Host machine, also when we don't have US as local layout.<br/><br. From a non-US PC keyboard, AltGr+char key will be interpreted on the PC where possible, so some Mac extended characters may be unavailable. A similar restriction occurs across other VNC Servers - the solution is to either switch to a keyboard layout on the client computer that is capable of producing the required character, or to use the Special Characters dialog, available from the VNC Viewer Edit menu

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So, the trick is to select in Mac the ISO variant of your keyboard layout. In my case is Spanish ISO, and in Windows select the English USA layout. This way I can use my spanish keyboard through VNC with some little and annoying problems: I can't type the '(' symbol, and some keys are still swapped You can configure VNC Viewer by changing parameters either in the Preferences > Expert dialog box or at the command line.. Note that: VNC Viewer parameters may be overridden by VNC Server parameters; where so is clearly stated.; Changes made to parameters in the Preferences > Expert dialog box take effect when the OK button is clicked, unless otherwise stated But this doesn't solved the original problem with the completely b0rked keyboard layout in the VNC session opened by virt-manager. After some time I was able to resolve it with the following method (Everything done on the Ubuntu machine - the KVM host): Create a file /usr/local/bin/kvm with the following contents: #! /bin/bash exec /usr/bin/kvm -k de $@ Be sure to replace de with whatever. Wie installiere ich VNC Viewer? Führen Sie einfach das Installationsprogramm auf dem Gerät aus, mit dem Sie die Steuerung ausführen wollen, und befolgen Sie die Anweisungen. Für die Remoteimplementierung unter Windows können Sie den Windows Installer (MSI) verwenden. Wenn Sie keine Berechtigung für die Installation von VNC Viewer auf Desktop-Plattformen haben, wählen Sie die Einzelplatz-Option aus Alt refers to the Alt key on a PC, Win to the Windows key (represented by the Super keysyms over the RFB protocol), and Cmd to the Command key on the Mac. In addition, a host computer is the computer to be controlled, running VNC Server. A client computer is a computer to connect from, running VNC Viewer

11.10 - Wrong keyboard layout when connecting with VNC ..

Using a non-US keyboard via VNC in a bhyve VM is not supported right now. As a workaround, select the US keymap on the system running the VNC client, then configure the OS running in the VM to use a keymap matching your physical keyboard. This will enable passthrough of all keys to the bhyve VM regardless of keyboard layout VNC® Connect consists of VNC® Viewer and VNC® Server. Download VNC® Viewer to the device you want to control from, below. Make sure you've installed VNC® Server on the computer you want to control. Windows. macOS Unfortunately not. Changing the keyboard-layout in the guest-OS or on the computer accessing the VNC does swap some keys (as it's supposed to do), but for example the @-sign is always printed as 2. And most non-alphabetical characters are simply ignored. Directly sending the scancodes (Alt-number) does not work as well (of course, it doesn't)

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  1. These are the steps I had to do to fix the keyboard layout in xrdp in Ubuntu 12.04. The original link was a big help, but a bit out-dated. I also found useful information with the rdesktop project, for finding country codes: here and here. Open console and set xkb map to correct model & layout. setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout no Replace model and layout language code to whatever is the correct.
  2. I'm using uVNC to access my Mac from my PC keyboard / monitor. This works great in general, but some keys don't work. For example the slash / and the semicolon ; are not transferred correctly to the mac. The details: uVNC v1. on the PC PC with W7 German keyboard (hardware) and German keyboard layout (selected in Windows
  3. Background. I am using a VNC Viewer to connect from my local client Windows 10 Home to a remote mac OS X El Capitan host.Unfortunately, on my remote desktop the key-to-character mappings are scrambled. My local and remote OS keyboard layouts are set to German QWERTZ.I've been using TightVNC Viewer 2.8.11 and TurboVNC Viewer 2.2.2.The connection information reads keyboard layout: 00000407
  4. Remote Mac use VNC built-in server and local Mac use VNC Viewer for Google Chrome. The problem is that, also if keyboard layout is Italian, the . Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Visit Stack Exchange. Loading.

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  1. hat jemand hier einen VNC Verbindung mit deutschen Tastaur Layout hingekriegt? Mit welchem Server Client? buetts. bigmama (bigmama) 8. September 2015 um 20:58 #2. Ja, man benutzt einfach die Englische. Funzt wirglich, bei der deutschen habe ich die falsche Belegung der Tasten und unter Englisch die richtige. buetts (buetts.
  2. Gnome = US Layout. Ergebnis = Müll auch als abfh Problem bekannt. ich hatte ein Upgrade von 6.10 zu 7.04 gemacht, Ende vom Lied keine vernünftige vnc Zugriffe, nach Downgrade zu 6.10 immer noch das Problem, Lösung nach Downgrade zu 6.10 die Homedaten erneuern /alte löschen!! Der Bug liegt irgendwo im User Verzeichnis (Gnome Settings) IM NOTFALL per SFTP durch die SSH-Verbindung einen.
  3. All AltGr key combinations don't seem to work with German keyboard layout (same layout at both sides). Client is Firefox 38.x (ESR) or 47.x (non-ESR), novnc 0.5.1 or 0.6.1, VNC server is provided via QEMU's websocket, started with -k de, QEMU 1.5.3 as provided with latest CentOS 7 including all updates.The AltGr key combinations however do work fine using vncviewer from TigerVNC 1.1.0 (as.
  4. keyboard layout on the VNC console isn't correct for users that have a different keyboard layout than a qwerty layout. In Datacenter => options I see I can configure the layout, but I guess this will change it globally. Is there any way to configure this per user? Thanks, Frederic. Dietmar Maurer 2013-05-07 04:49:58 UTC. Permalink. In Datacenter => options I see I can configure the layout.
  5. Logical keyboard layout PC: German. VNC mapping. Logical keyboard layout Mac: German. Physical keyboard layout Mac: German. keyboard remote-desktop. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Feb 22 '16 at 15:20. testing. asked Feb 22 '16 at 13:12. testing testing. 694 3 3 gold badges 11 11 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. 11. This is a guess because of the mixture of keyboards but try.

kvm virtualization - How to set keyboard layout with a VNC

I am running VNC Server on a few Linux box and within X windows of the console my keyboard is working fine but on a W98 while running VNCviewer, my 5 / % key will act like a backspace The computer from which I connect has Windows 7 SP1 64-bit with the keyboard layout of the United States (EN) and I use UltraVNC viewer to connect to the Linux computer. Now, I noticed that some symbols, typed from the Windows computer, are interpreted by the Linux machine incorrectly (ie, with other symbols)

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Subject: Re: Bug#583534: virt-manager: Seriously fucked up keyboard layout in VNC Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 10:25:16 -0400 On 05/28/2010 03:52 AM, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote: > Package: virt-manager > Version: 0.8.4-2 > Severity: important > Justification: essential characters may be unavailable > > Heyho! > > The host system has a swiss german keyboard Keyboard layout configured on the VNC client and on the VNC server; VNC viewer in use: An external viewer and the internal viewer behave differently. Firmware version of the endpoint device; You can specify an external VNC Viewer program from another provider in the UMS Console: Click on Misc > Settings > Remote Access. To pass on the IP address of the device to an external application, add. The VNC client integrated into Virtual Machine Manager, or virt-viewer, transfers keyboard input in the form of RAW code. If the host and guest system use the same keyboard layout, you will not experience any mapping problems. Other VNC clients always transfer keyboard input to reflect the US layout

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BUG : Virtual Station 2.0 : Keyboard layout of VNC HTML 5 viewer. QNAP NAS solution for server virtualization and clustering/HA/FT. Post Reply. Print view; 11 posts • Page 1 of 1. sebastienbo Know my way around Posts: 123 Joined: Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:44 am. BUG : Virtual Station 2.0 : Keyboard layout of VNC HTML 5 viewer . Quote; Post by sebastienbo » Sun Aug 09, 2015 10:51 pm Hi everybody, I. Yes both are using same layout. I found the solution. VNCserver is the problem. I'm using tightvncserver on RPi and tightvnc viewer or Real VNC Viewer on Win10 . I searched for many hours and then found a thread with same problem. Someone suggested him to use X11vnc. I installed it and works Keyboard layout configured on the VNC client and on the VNC server; VNC viewer in use: An external viewer and the internal viewer behave differently. Firmware version of the endpoint device ; UMS user interface: The UMS Console and the UMS Web App have different VNC viewers. The Secure Shadowing function is only relevant to clients which meet the requirements for secure shadowing and have. Hi Eddie, VNC does allow you to choose the keyboard layout from most common options, though note that the server needs to be shut down to change the selection. Once you log in, check that the permissions are in order for the ./ssh/authorized_keys file. While resizing shouldn't affect the data on your disk when done safely, we do recommend taking a backup before proceeding with disk.

Try using the VNC viewer on the VNC host (i.e. linux/windows in your diagramme) with a US keyboard layout. Many VNC viewers can't cope with other layouts. (Feel free to post a comment saying whether this solved the problem for you) The keyboard input via VNC is randomly not correct anymore. This does not look like some other keyboard layout. For example the following changed: / is - ctrl + 8 is 9 I cant write ctrl c (cancel) and so on. They layout in Datacenter -> Option was set to Default, I tried changing to English.. 16.04 16.10 keyboard-layout vnc. sorry, still quite a new-be with Ubuntu and thus may not see the obvious. I have installed Ubuntu 16.04LTS as well as 16.10 from scratch on a small Intel machine with a German keyboard attached. The system language is set to English, but the keyboard to standard German. When working on the system directly all is normal. I have installed x11vnc as server on the. [solved] Non-english keyboard layout typing stuck. 2 posts • Page 1 of 1 [solved] Non-english keyboard layout typing stuck . by The_Immortal » 2019-06-03 03:51 . Hello! I've noticed that when I'm trying to type on my native cyrillic language (Russian) via UVNC it's almost impossible as it stuck all the time during typing the text. I made a video example showing the problem. P.S. Japanese. It appears that TightVNC (Win32) is having problems when the client computer (running the VNC viewer) is using a keyboard layout that includes so-called dead keys. I use the keyboard layout US International, where pressing the ' (apostrophe) key is a dead key: it does not do anything at first, but then typing e gives é, or pressing Space gives the normal apostrophe

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Virt-manager looks at the keyboard setting in /etc/sysconfig/keyboard and maps that to one of the QEMU keymaps for the VNC server. This is an inexact science because QEMU has a fairly limited set of keymaps it supports. For Brazilian it supports 'pt-br' - if that is compatible with br-abnt2 I can make sure we setup a mapping for br-abnt2 -> pt-b Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Please try reloading this pag the host machine is viewed via a remote client (tight vnc). during this remote session, I launch hyper-v and view the vm through the in-built viewer in hyper-v. it's only here that I have problems with the keyboard layout. I've checked to see if sticky keys is enabled, but isn't as far as I can tell. there are no problems with the physical keyboard as it works for the physical machine and when.

Normally, QEMU (/usr/libexec/qemu-kvm) uses SDL to display the VGA output. With the -vnc option option, you can have QEMU listen on VNC display display and redirect the VGA display over the VNC session. When using the VNC display, you must use the -k parameter to set the keyboard layout if you are not using en-us. Valid syntax for the display. If you want to use another keyboard layout, you need to edit the vmx file of your virtual machine to use the desired keyboard. For this, once you need to enable VNC connections for the desired vm, shut down the vm if necessary, and then open the vmx file of the virtual machine with a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++. In this file, add/edit the following lines : Plain Text. I have the exact same problem, already tried all proposed fixes but nothing works, my keyboard layout is Portuguese. From what I could research, this is an issue with several vnc viewers with linux guests, this as been ireported for quite some time. I'll keep seraching for a solution and update here if I found one, since not having the ability to type those Characters with the external.

The viewer now generates AltGr international characters according to the keyboard layout in use. The right Ctrl key can be combined with these so that on a German keyboard, for example, AltGr-Q gives @ and RightCtrl-AltGr-Q gives Ctrl-@. Dead keys are not properly supported yet How do I install VNC® Viewer? Just run the installer on the device you want to control from and follow the instructions, or there's MSIs for remote deployment under Windows. If you don't have permission to install VNC® Viewer on desktop platforms, choose the standalone option. How do I control a remote computer? If you have a keyboard and mouse in front of you, use them as you would normally. Since VNC seems to be anything but internationalized the software is transferring pressed keys according US keyboard layout. Thank you for that! A VNC viewer isn't translating your keys, but send the characters to the server as is. The VNC server is expecting characters according to the US keyboard layout and thus translating those US-layout-based characters back to the server's current.

Hello, using the embedded VNC viewer i'm not able to type on the remote server special charaters which require the use of the ALT key. For example in my italian keyboard if i want to type the special character @ i have to keep pressed Alt Gr and then press ò: If i try to press that combination of keys using the embedded VNC viewer no character is written on the remote server. Using the. You'll first have to accept the software EULA, then you get to select your preferred system language, the layout of your keyboard, and your current times zone. Finally you'll be asked to create a user — this user will have administrator privileges — and choose a hostname. For simplicity I created a user called jetson and similarly picked jetson as my hostname. Connecting the. Der Windows-Client ist RealVNC. Bei 6.4 wars gar kein Problem, als Layout am Server hab ich latin-de (no deadkeys) eingestellt beim aufsetzten, wenn ich mich über VNC einlogge, seh ich aber English US. (Keyboard Model ist Generic 105-key (intl) PC

GNS3 - Using VNC with international keyboard

VNC und deutsches Tastatur Layout - Software allgemein

Setting up a public web server using a Raspberry Pi 3

Video: UltraVNC • View topic - Incorrectly keyboard layout

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Revision 9 of the Windows VNC viewer. Windows VNCviewer (R9) More internal restructuring so that more code can be shared with the Windows CE viewer. Fixed some resource/handle leaks. Added a 'Request Refresh' option to the menu. WinVNC Server (R5) The WinVNC registry settings have now been reorganized and improved to allow better control over individual user's capabilities when running it. Hallo Benno-007, ich habe die Änderung in die x11vnc.conf übernommen. Das Fenster das jetzt aufgeht hat jetzt die Auflösung von 1600x900 allerdings die Auflösung der Übertragung also der Inhalt hat weiterhin eine Auflösung von 640x480 aber genau die wollte ich ändern BUG : Virtual Station 2.0 : Keyboard layout of VNC HTML 5 viewer. Quote. Post. by sebastienbo » Sun Aug 09, 2015 10:51 pm. Hi everybody, I noticed that virtual station is based on KVM and KVM has a build-in VNC viewer to conenct to the VM hosts. The problem is that this VM server is normally configurable in KVM, so that it could accept other.

-keyboard kbdname Windows uses an internal and not very helpful name for the keyboard layout currently selected for an application. You can see the one being used by vncviewer if you select 'Connection Info' from the system menu of the viewer window. If you change the keyboard settings and then make a note of this, you can specify it on the. VNC X keyboard mapping problem (too old to reply) Lucio Chiappetti 2003-02-20 14:32:24 UTC. Permalink. I reiterate in a more concise manner my last posting which remains still unanswered. I use an Unix VNC viewer (3.3.2 VNC binary distribution from the original ORL site on Digital Unix 3.2) to connect to a Unix VNC server ( 3.3.3r1 VNC binary distribution just installed from ftp://public.arl. VNC Keyboard Problem. I'm having issues with VNC!! I use it to connect from my XP box to my Suse10 Server. The connection works fine (can see the server's screen) & the Server's keyboard works fine from the server itself. However, for some reason the keyboard doesn't work through VNC. I think this might have happened after I changed my keyboard layout through SaX2 from US to UK. Everything. Feel free to make any other changes you might like, including setting a new password and changing the keyboard layout. Back in the raspi-config homescreen, press right arrow twice to select Finish and press enter. Use VNC Over a Local Network. If your host computer is on the same local network (e.g. connected to the same WiFi or Ethernet network), then you can make a direct VNC connection to.

VNC allows for the transmission of a 'bell' character, causing a beep at the viewer if it has sound facilities. You can set the sound to be used for the bell under the VNCviewer section of 'Sounds' in the Control Panel. Often a beep will happen because you are being notified of something such as email arriving or compilation finishing. This switch causes a minimized vncviewer to be un. To set the default keyboard layout for your system, use the following command as root: . localectl set-keymap map. Replace map with the name of the keymap taken from the output of the localectl list-keymaps command. Unless the --no-convert option is passed, the selected setting is also applied to the default keyboard mapping of the X11 window system, after converting it to the closest matching. Sending Keystrokes to Your (Virtual) Machines using X, Vnc , Rdp or Native ways . Options overview. The most common way to interact with a virtual machine is by remote via ssh. This blogpost is about a different way of interaction: it will show you how to send keystrokes (or mouse) directly to the remote screen of the machine. This can be used for instance for kickstarting a machine. Auf diese Weise kann ich meine spanische Tastatur über VNC mit einigen kleinen und nervigen Problemen verwenden: Ich kann das Symbol '(' nicht eingeben und einige Tasten sind noch vertauscht. Die endgültige Lösung besteht darin, den RealVNC Enterprise-Server unter Mac und den Viewer unter Windows zu verwenden, und alle Probleme sind behoben : I've tried editing every setting under keyboard layout options involving NumLock I've restarted I've read through literally hundreds of numlock/number pad related posts online over the past 2 days - most of them are the easy SHIFT+NUMLOCK resolution. I apologize if this is a simple topic to those with experience, I mean no disrespect - Just been asked to work with Linux on the fly for work and.

Under Windows, VNC Server can only map keyboard input to the correct characters if all programs are using the same keyboard layout as the operating system. This can cause authentication problems if affected characters appear in the server's password. Why can I access my VNC Server even though I'm entering the wrong password? The short answer is: You can't! However, when the classic VNC. The VNC viewer waits for an incoming connection on a specified port. Then, Anaconda is started and the host name/IP address and port number of the viewer are provided using a boot option or a Kickstart command. When the installation begins, the installation program establishes a connection with the listening VNC viewer using the specified host name/IP address and port number. Connect mode is.

I am using the Android VNC viewer on my HTC G1. But for some reason, that application is always in landscape mode despite my G1 is in portrait mode. Since the Android VNC viewer is open source, I would like know how is it possible hard code an activity to be 'landscape'. I would like to change it to respect the phone orientation MacOS X includes built-in VNC support as of version 10.5. In the Finder, click the Go menu and choose Connect to Server. In the server address field, you can type vnc://SERVER:DISPLAY, where SERVER is the IP address or DNS host name of the VNC server you wish to connect to and DISPLAY is the VNC display number (usually 1), and click Connect

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VNC Viewer: Improved support for handling of so-called dead keys, for example accent key on Spanish keyboard. VNC Deployment Wizard: Support for remote installation of RealVNC v5.0.1. VNC Thumbnails view: System.OutOfMemoryException exception. AMT manager crashes if an invalid hostname is entered as a remote computer address Revision 11 of the Windows VNC viewer. Windows VNCviewer (R11) As long as only one keyboard layout is used consistently across all applications, this shouldn't be a problem. The viewer now generates AltGr international characters according to the keyboard layout in use. The right Ctrl key can be combined with these so that on a German keyboard, for example, AltGr-Q gives @ and RightCtrl. PCHelpWare Easy & secure remote access from anywhere. PcHelpWare is a free alternative to the various comercial remote assistance services that can be found on the net PcHelpWare is a powerful remote support software that allows you to control (right from your own PC) a distant PC connected to the internet. It is the ideal solution to provide quick remote assistance and help your customers.

Das Problem ist wohl, das die in der Datei /etc/xrdp/xrdp_keyboard.ini definierten keyboard-layouts nicht benutzt werden, und statt dessen auf ein base-Layout zurückgegriffen wird. Das war bei rasbian-stretch noch anders. Hier war zwar zunächst ebenfalls das US-Layout aktiv, aber man konnte das korrigieren, indem man den Inhalt des km-0409.ini Files mit dem eines deutschen Tastatur. Viewer for Windows: Fixed hang-up on changing language or keyboard layout. To fix this problem, Windows message handling has been re-designed completely. Viewer for Windows: Fixed priority of preferred encodings. Previous version could work inefficiently with servers that do not support Tight encoding, because the viewer could choose uncompressed Raw encoding instead of well-compressed ZRLE. You can also disable remote keyboard and mouse control and change the default keyboard layout. All in all, if you are looking for an easy-to-use VNC server that can be configured even by inexperienced users, Vine Server fits the bill. It can be set up very quickly offers several advanced configuration options. Filed unde

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