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A marketing budget documents how much your business plans to spend on marketing over a specific period, like a year, quarter, or month. When budgeting for marketing, consider all costs associated with marketing your business, such as paid ads, hiring costs, marketing tools, website maintenance expenses, and more What Is a Marketing Budget Plan? A marketing budget plan is a detailed roadmap that outlines the cost of all marketing strategies and tactics involved in hitting the projected results. This plan provides visibility into both the specific goals of the marketing team and how much it will cost to achieve those goals. Considered a critical resource that can be leveraged by the entire company, a marketing budget plan gives insight into how marketing campaigns are run within the organization Das Online Marketing Budget planen: Die Ziele sind wichtig. Wenn Sie das Online Marketing Budget planen, sollten Sie sich immer an den Zielen orientieren. Denn nur so können Sie die Budgets flexibel und vor allem an der Realität orientiert gestalten. Ein Beispiel: Sie haben mit einem relativ festen Budget eine Kampagne geplant

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How to Plan a Digital Marketing Budget Set the Goal. One of the most critical initial steps in figuring out a digital marketing budget is solidifying a clear,... Analyze the Past. Another step you need to take when it comes to digital marketing is to see what has worked and what... Allocate Based on. The projected budget to accomplish everything on the list would be $175K - $250K per year, including people, technology, and ad spend. On average, companies spend between 7-11% of total company revenue on marketing. That means a company with about $1.6M annual revenue should be able to afford a comprehensive plan like this What Is a Marketing Budget Plan? A marketing budget plan is a detailed roadmap that outlines the cost of all marketing strategies and tactics involved in hitting the projected results. This plan provides visibility into both the specific goals of the marketing team and how much it will cost to achieve those goals. Considered a critical resource that can be leveraged by the entire company, a marketing budget plan gives insight into how marketing campaigns are run within the. Der Bottom-Up Ansatz geht zunächst davon aus, dass alle Gruppen innerhalb des Marketings ihre Aktivitäten planen und budgetieren. Diese Budgets werden dann kumuliert und zusammengefasst. Beim Gegenstromprinzip wird zunächst ein Budget virtuell vorgegeben, dann in den Gruppen der Marketingabteilung spezifiziert und mit der Kampagnen- & Maßnahmenplanung abgestimmt. Diese abgestimmten Budgets werden dann wiederum kumuliert und mit der Geschäftsleitung abgestimmt Nachdem Sie im Marketingmix die Marketingmaßnahmen festgelegt haben, können Sie diese nun im Marketingbudget zusammenfassen. Achten Sie beim Marketingbudget darauf, dass Sie bei den Werbekosten die gesamten anfallenden Kosten berücksichtigen. Stellen Sie auch sicher, dass Ihre Marketingausgaben in einem optimalen Verhältnis zur Reichweite stehen. Überprüfen Sie Ihr Marketingbudget, indem Sie die gesamten Marketingausgaben mit den Richtwerten Ihrer Branche vergleichen

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Bei KMUs und großen Unternehmen können mit einem monatlichen Online Marketing-Budget ab 1.000 bis 1.500 Euro erfolgreiche Kampagnen realisiert werden. Die Möglichkeit, Personen direkt anzusprechen und ihnen Ergebnisse für ihre konkrete Suchanfrage zu liefern, ist ein entscheidender Vorteil gegenüber klassischen Werbeformen Canva. To make the right choice and to allocate just the right amount of funding the marketing plan implementation. You will need to be very careful and knowledgeable about the entire process. Your startup marketing budgets need to cover things like SEO, content marketing, and marketing technology Excel Marketing Budget Template A marketing budget plan estimate in Excel is a simplified editable document that acknowledges that marketing itself doesn't exist in a vacuum. So it's entirely dependent on the financial limitations to meeting your target demographic

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Set a budget. Now that you know who your target market is and have set goals, plan your budget accordingly. The good thing about online marketing is that you can be successful even when on a tight. This marketing budget plan template helps identify possible expenditures for you to consider when creating a marketing budget. This marketing budget template makes it easy to create a budget plan since the totals are automatically adjusted when quantities and prices are entered. Plan your advertising budget using this marketing budget template How to Plan a Digital Marketing Budget. Articles; Digital Strategy; Share via: Marketing and promotion are just about as old as capitalism itself. From the very beginning, we've had people in market squares shouting loudly to promote their wares or posters plastered on walls to talk about new products. Today, we have the internet and internet-ready devices in customers' hands; everything is. How to strategically manage your marketing spend in 2021 with 8 integrated marketing budget templates. Setting strategic and channel direction, working toward commercial objectives and KPIs and monitoring success is great, but if you're not tracking your ROI per channel it's hard to understand how much money you've had to spend to see a return The digital/online part of marketing budgets is expected to be up from 42% in 2019 - to around 45% on average by 2020. Video marketing is the fastest-growing category, which will be double what it was from 2016 to 2021. Social Media Ads will be growing (less rapidly) to hit 25% of digital marketing spending

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  1. A marketing plan outlines a company's strategy to acquire new customers, communicate with existing customers, and promote a brand. Set a budget. Most of the time, marketing will cost some amount of money to start and keep running. This could be an actual budget you have going with paid media or a project budget you have with an agency to update your website. Whatever it is, make sure it.
  2. e how you can build a rock-solid marketing plan from the ground up and how you can adapt your digital marketing plan, if changes need to be made. From content marketing.
  3. Marketing Plan and Budget. The selection of a marketing strategy and organizational design moves the planning process to the preparation of the actual plan and its supporting sales forecast and budget. Preparing the plan involves several activities and considerations, including selecting the planning cycle and frequency, deciding the nature and scope of the annual plan, choosing the format for.
  4. Your startup marketing budget is a critical part of your overall startup marketing plan. The startup team is wearing a lot of hats and funding is from the watchful eye of venture capital firms. The chief marketing officer (CMO) must deal with the marketing plan, brand awareness, email marketing, building a marketing team ( outsourced marketing.
  5. Dieser Planer für das E-Mail-Marketing hilft Ihnen, Ihre E-Mails zu planen und Ihre Kontaktaufnahmen mit Newsletter-Abonnenten oder Kunden nachzuverfolgen und darauf aufbauend andauernde Kundenbeziehungen aufzubauen. Mit dieser Vorlage tracken Sie die Art der versendeten E-Mails, wann diese versendet wurden und welche Produkte oder Dienstleistungen damit beworben wurden. Wenn Sie Ihre E-Mail.
  6. Denn wenn Sie nicht gerade Superbenzin für 30 Cent pro Liter verkaufen (was sich garantiert von ganz alleine herumspricht), dann müssen Sie einen Plan zum Marketing und Vertrieb erstellen. Marketingplan und Vertriebsplan sind die Grundlage für den Verkaufserfolg eines jeden Unternehmens - vom Kleinstunternehmen über KMU bis hin zum Großunternehmen

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Action and development plans. Investment and budget. The timing and roadmap. According to Philip Kotler, considered one of the fathers of modern marketing, a traditional marketing plan serves: to document how the organization's strategic objectives will be achieved through specific marketing strategies and tactics, with the customer as the starting point. It is also linked to the plans of. Create an Online Marketing Budget Template. Here are some sample budget templates that we've seen success with a wide range of clients. Every business is different — so treat these budgets as guidelines rather than scripture. Digital brands in the start-up phase. The priority for most start-ups is simply getting the word out; generating awareness and demand for their brand and product. 1. How to Write a Marketing Plan: A Comprehensive GuideClaim to fame: With these templates in hand, along with our blog post of marketing plan best practices, you're on the road to creating a marketing plan that is more effective, measurable and actionable. Features: From the 6 templates we checked, this template is by far the most lightweight

The example plan is a fictitious B2C retail company - Wow Accessories - an online fashion accessories site for women for which representative objectives and KPIs are given. If you work in B2B marketing, see our B2B digital marketing plan example. It's available as a Microsoft Word download so you can edit it for your own plan if needed For a low-budget high-impact marketing plan to work, you need to find customers who are easy to identify and affordable to reach. Forget the mass market and go for small niche markets. For example, local, large breed dog enthusiasts can be reached by clubs, special shows, and targeted publications. Reaching all dog owners will be ineffective because of limited exposure combined with higher.

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  1. E-marketing plan: budget The final section of your e-marketing plan will outline your budget for achieving your objectives. This should be a single spreadsheet that lists: what you plan to spend overall; how this will be broken down across tactics over a fixed period; any financial key performance indicators or milestones that need to be met ; potential return on investment across channels; a.
  2. d. In doing this, you should deter
  3. Small businesses often have a tight marketing budget to work with, which can make promoting your business a challenge. The good news is, there are plenty of ways for you to market yourself to your customers without spending any (or much) money. Now as a business owner, you probably don't have the time to research and identify these free marketing ideas, so we've taken care of that for you.
  4. Marketing budget template consists of typical ready-made tasks. This template gives you a pre-defined structure of your marketing project. You can easily import and export Excel files to work with your tasks online, manage dates, track progress, and estimate marketing budget. Create new or use ready-made tasks
  5. Marketing Plan and Budget. duluthmn.gov. Details. File Format. PDF; Size: 2 MB. Download. For you to be successful in your marketing, you need a marketing plan and a budget to support it. This template makes your work easier because it captures all the possible expenses that need to be in a marketing budget. This way, you cannot miss out on anything important. The template is professionally.
  6. The budget is an important component of your marketing plan. It's both dictated and informed by your marketing plan, meaning that it's a critical step of developing a marketing budget for your small business. It helps to outline all of the costs that you'll incur to achieve set marketing goals over a specific timeframe. Here are seven.
  7. In order to create a travel agency marketing plan that appeals to customers and increases a travel agency's return on investment (ROI), a travel agency needs to know its niche and target market, and how to plan around that. For help on putting together a great marketing plan for your travel agency, refer to the following tips: Personalize Your Website, Content, and Services. If you want to.

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Key Elements of Marketing Plan Outline or Table of Contents Executive Summary Situation Analysis Objectives Strategies Tactics Budget 4. The outline is the headings of each section with page numbers (remember to include page num­bers—without them, anybody reading your plan is lost) A marketing budget, in simple terms, is a financial plan and estimate of the costs involved in carrying out any marketing activities to promote your business and/or product (e.g advertising, website development, marketing staff salaries, PR, events etc.). It is important to make your estimates as realistic and accurate as possible to ensure your marketing budget is effective MARKETING VEHICLES ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA www.Facebook.com -Event Post & Ad •Circulation: 2,819,200 •Target Audience Criteria •Women and men, ages 18 -35 •Resides in NYC and cities within 50 miles •Planned Frequency: 4 times (Pre, 1 day prior, during, post event) •Specifications -110 x 80 px •Costs Estimat Your small business marketing budget is an essential component of your marketing plan. It will outline the costs of how you are going to achieve your marketing goals within a certain timeframe developed marketing plan is useful, even essential, to communicate clearly with bankers, financial advisors, and/or potential outside investors. Cornell Horticultural Business Management and Marketing Program Goal of Presentation •To provide a framework for you to organize your thoughts and decisions about the marketing plan so that you can survive the ―cash flow problem‖ associated with.

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Marketing plan template and guide. Our marketing plan template and guide gives you a clear process to follow as you develop your marketing plan. It helps you identify who your customers are, how you'll meet their needs and how you'll differentiate yourself from the competition A music marketing plan without a clear purpose is futile. So before you do anything else, ask yourself: The specifics will depend on the size of your team, your budget (more on that later), your strengths, and how much time you're able to commit. So if you have a full-time job and no team, for example, you'll need to temper your expectations. Work with what you have, and don't. Inexpensive: Tell your friends and word of mouth. Good: Some social media marketing (between $300 and $500 a month) along with targeted ads on relevant websites, which is around $500 a month. Use this marketing campaign plan template to establish your business goals, select your campaign media, determine your message and offer, outline your creative, build your campaign budget, project your campaign ROI and outline your fulfillment. 1. Select the Business Goal for Your Marketing Campaign

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The marketing executives of some of the most successful companies spend an average of more than 21% of their marketing budget on advertising. 70% of marketers lack an integrated content strategy. 72% of consumers who search for local businesses end up visiting stores within five miles. Strategic landing pages help 68% of B2B businesses acquire new leads. By 2021, global revenue from offline. SPREE WATCH MARKETING PLAN SUMMARY. Based on an evaluation of the watch market and our strengths, General will introduce the Spree watch. SITUATION ANALYSIS. Half the buyers of branded fashion watches are between 18 and 34 years of age. This group, which purchases more watches per capita than those older, is our primary market segment. Watch purchases are more likely by consumers in the. If you are working on a marketing plan for your company and are tired of making the right one, then you can check out the marketing plan templates that are available online. We found that the marketing templates in Word 2010 might be a small area, but is nevertheless a crucial requirement for many organizations. Now, you need not be an. A marketing budget is a balancing act: spend too much and you'll break the bank, but spend too little and no one will know that your products exist. Setting a clear plan outline for the budget, whether it's based on fixed income or a percentage of revenue, makes it easier for you to allocate resources and measure the results of your campaigns. A mix of research, insights and a dash of data. This can help if you need to run your marketing plan on a lean budget. Step 7: Evaluate and Improve. The last thing you need to do is evaluate the results and simply do it all over again. You will need to be constantly reassessing your organic marketing plan. The situation, audience, and goals will be constantly changing. Your marketing plan will need to change to adapt to this flux. You.

What are the major components of a digital marketing plan? Every marketing plan today includes a digital strategy. This is because marketing goals usually put a focus on how the business can reach more potential customers, retain existing customers, and increase sales. And today, your customers are online Our marketing plan template informs potential clients about the marketing channels — print, broadcast or digital, for example — you plan to use. 14- Advertising and Media You can break down your campaigns by budget and list the benefits of potential marketing channels in our template Market analysis is critical to developing a customized and successful retail automotive dealership marketing plan. Market analysis is like radar, allowing you to see the lay of the land. Without it, you'd be flying blind. Now isn't the time to be guessing with profit, gambling money on something you're not sure of. Market analysis helps prevent, or at least mitigate, the uncertainty that. Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who've been certified by Google to manage Google Ads accounts. There are thousands of Google Partners worldwide. You can search for a Partner by name, or search based on your location, advertising budget, or the type of service you want help with Follow these steps to arrive at a food truck marketing plan budget: Pick a marketing mix from the above-mentioned activities and the channels you would want to work on. Assign how much money you would want to put on each of the line items; Total them for your total marketing budget. You can keep online and offline activities separately

About the marketing plan template. When writing a marketing plan you need to be clear about your marketing objectives and how you're going to achieve them. An effective marketing plan will: set realistic and measurable objectives. include budgets and action plans. allocate responsibility of tasks Das Marketingbudget richtig zu planen und korrekt zu kalkulieren, kann für Unternehmen eine große Herausforderung sein. Auch wenn die Höhe der Budgets im B2B-Bereich in den letzten Jahren angestiegen ist, ist es für Marketingverantwortliche oft schwierig, die passenden Budgets abzuschätzen Dies ist auch die beste Methode, wenn Sie Online-Werbung durchführen. So können Sie beispielsweise Ihr Budget für AdWords Werbung festlegen. Wenn Ihnen die Gewinnung eines Onlinekunden 20 Euro wert ist, dann können Sie diesen Betrag dafür voll für Ihre Werbung einsetzen. Wichtig ist hier eine genaue und ständige Erfolgskontrolle. Wird die Gewinnung eines einzelnen Kunden zu teuer.

Without a detailed budget and a well-thought-out marketing plan, you could end up spending more than you intended on your marketing efforts or spending less than you should have to get results. Use this Annual Marketing Budget template to estimate your annual marketing expenses. This spreadsheet provides space to list your budget for brand development, public relations, advertising, website. G. Budget and Timeline (See Sample Marketing Plan Budget and Timeline Worksheet) After you've established your tactics and metrics, the next step is to figure out the logistics of implementing these tactics. All tactics require resources, in the form of staff, time and money. You'll want to list each tactic and provide an estimated budget and rough launch date for each. The goal of this. Planen Sie zielbewußt, kosteneffizient und crossmedial. Weiterführende Literatur: Roman Anlanger (2008) Trojanisches Marketing®: Mit konventioneller Werbung zum Markterfolg. - 287 Seiten, ISBN 978-3448087208, Haufe. Jay Conrad Levinson (2008) Guerilla Marketing des 21. Jahrhunderts: Clever werben mit jedem Budget. - 439 Seiten, ISBN 978-3593387086, Campus Verlag. Thomas Patalas (2006. Planen Sie Ihr Marketing langfristig und auf Basis fundierter Erkenntnisse, damit es als Werttreiber hilft, Ihre gesetzten Unternehmensziele zu erreichen. Diese Checkliste soll Ihnen dabei helfen, Ihre strategische Marketingplanung zu strukturieren und keinen wichtigen Punkt zu vergessen. Laden Sie sich hier kostenfrei unsere Checkliste als PDF herunter: Download Checkliste (PDF, 339 kB. Horvath suggests a good way of narrowing your target budget is to research what's common for your industry and what your competitors are spending. A 2019 BDC survey of more than 1,400 Canadian businesses found that Canadian small business marketing costs average just over $30,000 a year, while those with 20 to 49 employees spend twice that.

Die Mediaplanung im Online-Marketing. Die Mediaplanung ist eine traditionell wichtige Aufgabe innerhalb der Kommunikationsstrategie. Zunehmend wird die klassische Mediaplanung (TV, Radio, Zeitung) stark vom Online Marketing beeinflusst, sodass sich neben den klassischen Werbeträgern längst schon Online Werbeträger (Suchmaschinen, Portale, Soziale Medien) etabliert haben Business Plan Export . Datensets für Ihren Business Plan. Infografiken Leistungen Das Statistik-Portal Umfrage zur geplanten Höhe des Budgets für Influencer Marketing in Deutschland 2018. Marktdurchschnittspreis für einen Beitrag von Influencern in Deutschland 2020. Alle Statistiken einblenden (8) Adblocker. Nutzung von Werbeblockern in ausgewählten Ländern weltweit 2018. Adblocker. Cara Membuat Marketing Plan yang Baik. Ada delapan langkah dalam membuat marketing plan yaitu: Nah, untuk memudahkan Anda dalam memahami setiap tahapnya, kami akan menggunakan sebuah bisnis rekaan dengan merek Kopi Bumi sehingga Anda bisa belajar cara menerapkan marketing plan ke bisnis Anda, apapun niche-nya

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To plan our strategy we will meet monthly with the board of Apple, present our information, and make a proposal for continued marketing efforts. Before each meeting our team will meet in private, with each person presenting their own proposal based on the information they have learned. After the initial proposals, we will vote on the best one or come to a compromise. The final proposal sent. St. Paul's Catholic School Marketing Plan Diocese of St. Augustine ( Updated 5/18/2018) Krissy Thompson, Principal 5/18/2018 . The Marketing Committee is responsible for developing an annual Marketing Plan, implementing the strategies that are developed in the plan, and providing oversight to all marketing ventures. Pastor Michael Houle Parish Leadership Team School Administration Thompson. Even those of you with a high bank balance shouldn't dump every dollar into marketing without a plan. I understand how much you want to promote your business, but you need to come up with ways that efficiently accomplish this. You don't need to spend tons of money on marketing. Trust me, I know from experience. I've gone through both paths with my business ventures. There were times whe

A marketing plan with actionable details helps the busy small business owner take control of their day to day marketing activities. Without a plan, marketing, especially online with its rapidly changing landscape, can be overwhelming and discouraging. Breaking up your marketing into manageable pieces can ensure you make progress towards achieving your goals 4. Stufe: Marketing-Maßnahmen benennen und planen Um Ihre Ziele zu erreichen, sind bestimmte Maßnahmen notwendig - benennen und planen Sie diese. Marketing-Maßnahmen können zum Beispiel sein: Offline-Maßnahmen: - Messeauftritte - Mailingaktionen (mit Gewinnspiel) - Beilagen - Flyer - Roadshows - Content Marketing - Kundenservice.

Make room in your hotel marketing plan (and budget if you need it) for reputation management. Here's what to do: Claim your hotel on all major booking and review sites to track comments. For other sites and platforms, social listening tools can help keep tabs what is being said good and bad about the hotel. Develop a thorough understanding of appropriate responses: when to defend, when to. Whether you're chopping down a tree or figuring out how to write a marketing plan, the steps you take ahead of time are crucial to your marketing success. In this article, our marketing plan discussion will focus mostly on the digital marketing aspect, but the strategies and concepts can be expanded to encompass your entire marketing department At Buffer, our marketing budget consists mainly of the tools we use. We have also recently started exploring Facebook ads to increase our brand reach and social engagement. Imagine: You have $100 to spend on social media. Here're the three possible ways to spend your $100: Plan A: The all-in-one social media budget. Plan B: Invest in education. Plan C: Advertising-focused. Let's dive in. If it's time for you to take the plunge and justify your marketing budget to your boss, have no fear. While it might feel like an intimidating situation, there are things you can do to better support your spending and position your plan as the right route to take. To get your boss on your side, here's how you can justify your marketing budget If you thoroughly plan, budget, and execute marketing tactics that reach your target audience, your marketing will have a big impact, no matter your budget and size. How-to Guide. How to Run an Off-Premise Restaurant. With on-premise dining restricted, restaurants have pivoted to run entirely online. This guide walks you through everything you need to know about going off-prem. Get Access.

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Marketing innovation is a key driver of demand in the soda industry and since the competition in the industry is very high, brands also compete in the area of marketing. The two leading brands Coca Cola and Pepsi invest billions in marketing to promote their products and brands. Pepsi has 20 Billion dollar brands in its portfolio that generate revenue in billions. It has run several iconic. AdWords Online Marketing The Small Business Guide Why you should be marketing online Case study: How Happy Hound gets 90% of its sales online 10 things you can do today to boost your online marketing

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Budgeting helps you ensure you'll have the funds to achieve your goals, whether that's promoting a new business or driving sales on a new product. Plus, without an accurate social media marketing budget, it's impossible to know the true ROI of your work. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits all social media budget. Every company has. The marketing plan also helps layout the necessary budget and resources needed to achieve the goals stated in the marketing plan. The marketing plan shows what the company is intended to accomplish within the budget and also to make it possible for company executives to assess potential return on the investment of marketing dollars. Different aspects of the marketing plan relate to accountability With your marketing budget finished, you're now done putting together a marketing plan. If you saved your executive summary for last, now is where you go back through your plan, gather your thoughts, and knock it out of the park. If you did the executive summary earlier in the process, you're home free and can kick your feet up and relax. Congratulations — you now have a fantastic. Email marketing is an important part of any digital marketing strategy and it can increase the budget of your online marketing package. Email marketing can amplify your revenue growth, and increase the number of conversions, due to its impressive ROI. That's why more than 80 percent of businesses make use of email marketing plan for lead generation. Email marketing service from professionals. Online Marketing gewinnt immer mehr an Bedeutung. Kunden informieren sich zunehmend im WWW über Angebote und auch die Umsätze, die online generiert werden, steigen stetig an. Gerade Existenzgründer sollten sich daher auch mit dem Thema Online Marketing auseinandersetzen. Grundsätzlich gelten auch hier die bekannten 4P's

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Before electing an additional marketing plan with your agent, make sure you confirm what real estate advertising is already included in their sales commission and ask what their payment policy is if the house doesn't sell. Real estate advertising fees are not set in stone and can sometimes be negotiated with the agent. It can also be possible to pay for your marketing costs as they are. Instead, market your business without breaking the bank by these 30 low budget marketing ideas. 1. Perfect your pitch. Whether you're at a family BBQ, a friend's wedding, traveling or watching. Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Plan. A thorough marketing plan for a new or existing treatment center will provide you with the detailed data you need to be more effective. The Drug Rehab Agency has helped many treatment centers open their doors by handling every aspect of the marketing plan and through our addiction center consulting. Web-Budgetplaner 2.4.3 kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Finanzen finden Sie bei computerbild.de

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Lexikon Online ᐅBudget: Finanzwissenschaft: Andere Bezeichnung für den Haushaltsplan, den Finanzplan eines Zeitabschnitts, den Voranschlag von öffentlichen Einnahmen und Ausgaben für ein Haushaltsjahr (Etat). Betriebswirtschaftslehre: Meist kurzfristiger operativer Plan, der die Allokation von Ressourcen steuert, z.B. Personal- oder Investitionsbudget All the Vertex42™ budget templates can be downloaded for personal use and no charge. We hope that they will be helpful to you! The templates featured below also work with OpenOffice and Google Spreadsheets, so if you don't own a version of Microsoft Excel®, the only thing stopping you from making a budget is the time to download and the determination to get your finances under control If you do the hotel marketing budget when you work on the marketing plan, you can determine segments with opportunity and create a marketing plan broken down by month that includes events, trends and seasonality. About Stephanie Smith I'm an advocate of the hotel owner as there is alot the brands don't educate hotels about. I pick up where the brands stop to maximize incremental return to.

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