WSJT EME - 1. Who's Earwigging? Exchanging any contact details on here before you're complete, invalidates the contact, and, if it's not WSJT via Moonbounce it doesn't belong here! DDMMM UTC 19Jun 05:02 will start sending when i have someone to send to ====== { K2CKA/17EL1KW Dave va FM06qn} 19Jun 04:59 120 jt65b 1st ====== { K2CKA. • JT65 wurde für die EME-Verbindungen auf VHF/UHF entwickelt • Auch als sehr effektive Methode für weltweite QRP-Verbindungen auf KW • JT9 ist optimiert für die Lang-, Mittel- und Kurzwellenbänder • JT9 ist um ungefähr 2 dB empfindlicher als JT65 durch die Verwendung von weniger als 10% der SSB-Bandbreite • Beide Verfahren verwenden Sende- und Empfangs- Sequenzen im 1-Minuten-Tak


JT65-HF-Comfort- mit noch mehr Bedienkomfort und Anbindung an den TRX-Manager. CW-Runde SØ6 ***** 3555,5 kHz ***** Nächste CW-Übungsrunde am 20.6.2021. Unser Partner-OV E14. DARC . Bandplan.. IARU Region 1. DK4VW zu den Kurzwellen-Bandplänen der IARU Region 1. Demnächst. Sie befinden sich hier: Startseite; Clubstation ; EME ; EME auf 70cm; 2013 konnte Henry mit EME auf 70 cm. WSJT - HSMS and JT65-EME mode by K1JT, Recent full version: 7.03 Meet JT65 OPs at JT65 Live Logger Ask the experts: WSJT/JT65 Forum/BBS: 50 MHz EME - Open up a whole new world Checklist and tips for successful 50 MHz EME operation using JT65 operation mode. By Lance Collister, W7GJ. Meet the 50 MHz EME gang at the 6 meters chat

Die JT65-HF-Comfort- Software ist völlig eigenständig und kann parallel zur Originalsoftware installiert sein. Bei einer Neuinstallation ist auch das Setup neu vorzunehmen, aber allzu viele Eingaben sind nicht erforderlich. Zum Download steht eine Komplettinstallation (- install) und eine ausführbare Datei (- exe) bereit. Für ein Update ist lediglich die exe-Datei gegen die neuere. WSJT - JT65-Interface ;-) JT65b screen dump supported by Bernd, DL7APV, showing my CQ-CALL in the lower trace as well as my first answer on Bernd's call in the upper trace. In each trace you'll find both signals: on the right hand side (earlier) those received via tropo at -280Hz and on the left hand side the EME-Signals at -460Hz JT65 is an amateur radio QSO communication protocol developed by Joe Taylor, K1JT. JT65 has 3 submodes: JT65A, JT65B, and JT65C. The most popular submode of JT65 is JT65A. JT65 gets '65' from the 65 tones it uses

Download JT65-HF-HB9HQX-Edition for free. Amateur Radio software for transmission/reception of JT65 protocol. Amateur Radio software for transmission/reception of JT65 protocol on HF bands 2m - 160m Note: The JT65 encoding and decoding routines, also used in WSJT, are developed by K1JT, Joe Taylor. Characteristics: - jt65v2 protocol - Multi decoder - JT65-Log, HRD, DXKeeper, Log4om, MixW2. The real JT65 EME Link is here. Callsign * Name * Locator * E-mail * (* - required fields) Enter your message here CQ FILTER (please wait 10 seconds) JT65 Archive. 23:32 ZL2LN/4X8H/1KW Barry: will do plenty of chores!! cheers: RE68mv: 23:32 KA1W/4X12HKW Dave: QRT : FN31ki: 23:31 KA1W/4X12HKW Dave: ZL2LN: RR Tnx try.have a good day 73 : FN31ki: 23:31 ZL2LN/4X8H/1KW Barry ~ Clear ~ 144.120. You had better look for the frequency of the stations calling CQ, in the DX-Cluster or in the JT65 EME chat or in the ON4KST EME chat or in LiveCQ on 144 MHz,. Then you can try to detect their signal and answer to their CQ. Don't expect to hear the signals on the speaker or headphones. Although you could eventually listen to the signals of the most powerful stations, that won't be the rule in. The JT65 Communications Protocol Joe Taylor, K1JT Abstract. JT65 is a digital protocol intended for Amateur Radio communication with extremely weak signals. It was designed to optimize Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) contacts on the VHF bands, and conforms efficiently to the established standards and procedures for such QSOs. JT65 includes error-correcting features that make it very robust, even with.

oder: EME-Erfahrungsbericht als Einsteiger . Vorgeschichte. Keine Angst! Ich bin zwar tatsächlich mondsüchtig, aber in einer ungfährlichen Art. Beinahe wäre ich auch schon einmal vom Dach gefallen, aber das war tagsüber beim Antennenbau, bei vollem Bewusstsein. Meine Mondsucht beschränkt sich auf stundenlange, oft vergebliche Suche nach sehr schwachen Funksignalen, mit denen andere. WSJT EME - 2. Who's Earwigging? Exchanging any contact details on here before you're complete, invalidates the contact, and, if it's not WSJT via Moonbounce it doesn't belong here! DDMMM UTC 19Jun 01:24 . ====== { K9MRI Joe IN EN70iu} 18Jun 03:05 Mike....pse call me at home if you can....I left your phone number at the shack. (there is already a lot of small station eme on 6 & 2 m.) why work moonbounce tit is exciting! tmost fun in ham radio is making rare, unusual, or difficult contacts. teme allows you to work worldwide dx on any band - 6 m up. tway to increase your grid square and state count. k2uyh 70 & 23cm eme. a big station is not needed! tmy 1st jt44 contact was on 23 cm with oh3mck. toh3mck was using 2 x.

JT65 Digital Mode software category is a curation of 9 web resources on , JT65-HF-Comfort, WSJT-X, JT65-HF by W6CQZ. Resources listed under JT65 category belongs to Software main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators However, EME Moonbounce communication, unlike regular satellite radio, do not (or cannot) use the luxury of broader band communication modes like FM or SSB radiotelephony. Due to the colossal path losses, practical EME operation is restricted to narrowband modes like QRS CW or digital modes like JT65, etc. The detection bandwidth needed for. -SSB, CW, FSK441, JT65, JT4, JT9, JTMSK, Block-Structured Messages Standard minimal QSO CQ K1ABC FN42 K1ABC W9XYZ EN37 W9XYZ K1ABC -22 K1ABC W9XYZ R-19 W9XYZ K1ABC RRR K1ABC W9XYZ 73. Minimal QSO with EME shorthands CQ K1ABC FN42 K1ABC W9XYZ EN37 W9XYZ K1ABC FN42 OOO RO RRR 73. Relevant VHF+ Propagation Types • Ionospheric scatter • Aircraft scatter • Meteor scatter} fast.

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Wie unter Mondfunkern mit WSJT/JT65B üblich werden noch ein paar freundliche Worte im NØUK JT65/EME Chat gewechselt, den wir mit dem MDC-Client von mmmonvhf.de bedienen. Dort sieht man in einer Seitenleiste von vielen Statione auch die verwendete Ausrüstung. Sehr nützlich für die Einschätzung der Leistung/Hörbarkeit einer Station The most popular JT65A frequency is in the 20 Meter band: The JT65 frequency 20metres is 14076.0 kHz USB VFO. The JT65a sync frequency is 14077.27 kHz. The JT65 signal frequency is about 14077.3 to 14077.7 kHz WSJT is the original program, first released in 2001. Version 10 implements modes JTMS, FSK441, FSK315, ISCAT, JT6M, JT65, and JT4. MAP65 implements a wideband receiver for JT65 signals, optimized for EME on the VHF/UHF bands. It can be used together with Linrad (by SM5BSZ) or with direct input from a soundcard or FUNcube Dongle

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Der JT65-EME-Chat N0UK ist auch (!) zugänglich im MDC-Client, im Register/Bereich JT65/EME., hier die Einstellungen: Oben Mitte Sent To JT65 only (damit nichts im ON4KST-Chat steht) Unten Registerlasche JT65 EME Chat. Rechts JT65 US. Alle betreffenden Bereich sind mit dem beige-braunen Streifenmuster hinterlegt. Ein Doppel-Klick rechts in die Teilnehmerliste bringt die Anrede. jt65とは •eme(月面反射通信)などの超微弱電波での通信用に開発されたデ ジタルモードの一種。米国の物理学者テイラー博士k1jtが開発。 •オリジナルのjt65モードはテイラー博士の「wjst」というソフトに含ま れているが、現在は多数の派生ソフトが存在する。 •2004年頃、前身のjt44が.

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Schedules are usually set up via email, or through dedicated real-time websites such as the N0UK JT65 EME, the ON4KST 6m CHAT or the ON4KST EME CHAT pages. Because almost all 6m EME activity uses the weak signal JT65A mode, which does not tolerate QRM, most frequencies are agreed to well in advance, and frequencies with known or expected activity are avoided. In addition, there are other local. JT44/JT65 on EME by K2UYH JT44/JT65 CHECKLIST by W7GJ: Latest News April 24. 2004: Thanks for your interesting comments a couple of weeks ago about the abilities of skilled operators to copy very weak signals. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to answer; I have been extremely busy recently. Peter, SM2CEW, wrote If I can see a trace [on Spectran] I can copy the signal. I think I have pretty. The JT65 modes by Joe Taylor K1JT provide 10 to 15 dB better signal-to-noise than CW, and are what make small-station EME possible. (That being said, once you have experience, go ahead and try for the thrill of working the big stations by CW. It's not easy, but it's possible!). Computer: Sound Card Interface JT65-HF-Comfort- mit noch mehr Bedienkomfort und Anbindung an den TRX-Manager. CW-Runde SØ6 ***** 3555,5 kHz ***** Nächste CW-Übungsrunde am 20.6.2021. Unser Partner-OV E14. DARC. Bandplan.. IARU Region 1 . DK4VW zu den Kurzwellen-Bandplänen der IARU Region 1. Demnächst. Sie befinden sich hier: Startseite; Clubstation ; EME ; EME auf 2 m; Henry mit neuem ODX auf 2 m Hier sind. 2 meter EME - Q65 - JT65 - Competition Super Low Noise Yagi Antenna 24 elements PA144-CROSS-24-7BGP. Extreme suppression of all side lobes. 2 m Crossed super Yagi. Extreme suppression of all side lobes TANT G/T -4.29 dB for vertical polarization. PA144-CROS-24-7BGP Azimuth radiation pattern. Electrical Specifications. Frequency Range

The near-simultaneous development of the WSJT JT44 and JT65 (a, b and c) protocols did much the same for EME that JT6M and FSK441a did for meteor scatter. It is now possible for an amateur with 100 watts and a single Yagi with at least 12 dB gain to work any of the really large EME stations and, when conditions are favorable, some of the more modest stations as well. For a single-Yagi EME. EME Station 2.0 Part 11 - Station Hardware In Shack. September 30, 2020 by fkemmerer. 0. EME and Satellite Ground Station Hardware Components. Now that our 2m EME Antenna Array is fully installed, we have turned our attention to the setup of the equipment in our Shack. Our plan is to do a mix of JT65 Digital and CW operation with our 2m EME. I had never made any EME contacts before and was able to make two during the ARRL EME contest a couple of years ago (JT65). I was using 100 W, a RX preamp, and two 19 element yagis. I copied a few other stations and could have made more contacts if I didn't have problems with my transverter drifting. I was almost able to make a random CW contact during the contest but couldn't quite get my. EME Erstverbindungsliste auf 1296MHz (Stand 29.11.2020) | DARC e.V. OV W22 ZAB Dessau JT65 EME Chat. Rechts JT65 US. Alle betreffenden Bereich sind mit dem beige-braunen Streifenmuster hinterlegt. Ein Doppel-Klick rechts in die Teilnehmerliste bringt die Anrede in die Eingabezeile, vereinfacht das Chatten. Am wichtigsten ist aber wohl die Anzeige, welche Ausrüstung jemand verwendet. Als EME-Einsteiger sollte man sich auf die ganz großen Stationen, die BigGuns.


  1. There are not very many 64 Yagi stations out there, however Dave W5UN has been active on JT65 EME recently. If you want more of a challenge, you can try QRP at 5 watts and your Arrow antenna. Reducing you power from 150 watts to 5-10 watts, will reduce your performance by 12 db. To compensate for the reduce power, you will just need to find a station with a bigger antenna. There is another big.
  2. • Experiences with JT65 EME from other band • Big patience! What you need for 23cm JT65 EME? • An example that another way could be usage of horn antenna made of mesh wire. Horn at picture was built by OE5JFL. It is 2.3m long, the picture shows this ´EME´-antenna in it´s operating position: feedpoint indoors, and the cone looking outside through the shack window. • On March 19th.
  3. EME Newsletters by K2UYH. K2UYH's footprint spectrum, recorded at OK1DFC. Talk from EME 2004 JT65/WSJT Home Page K1JT, Radio Astronomer NSF paper about K1JT JT65 Algorithms getting IEEE award Observations on JTxx in EME by K1JT From Moonbounce to hard drives (NSF paper) More links on JT44/65 related information and usage: A JT44 Starter Page by.
  4. und JT65 (Weak Signal bzw.EME) Funkverbindungen. In JT65 können extrem große Reichweiten erreicht werden. Bei Bodenwelle mit extrem kleinen Sendeleistungen. Polarlicht Aktivität (Aurora-UKW-Funkverbindungen) Aus dieser Seite wird die Stärke der Polarlichtaktivität angezeigt. Es ist dadurch möglich Aurora-Funkverbidnungen abzuschätzen
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6m EME qso with W7JW. by IT9TYR · 17 May 2015. 17 May 2015 1640z 50.197 MHz IT9TYR logged W7JW on 6m EME JT65. Tags: 50 MHz EME 6m EME IT9TYR Moonbounce on 6m W7JW. You may also like... 6m opening to Nebraska. 5 July 2010. VU2ZAP - India on 6m. 18 May 2001. PW0T - Trindade e Martin Vaz Is. on 6m. 26 February 2002. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. 2 meter EME - Q65 - JT65 - Competition Extremely Low Noise Yagi Antenna 2 x 16 Elements PA144-CROSS-32-12DGP. Extreme suppression of all side lobes. Electrical Specifications: Frequency Range: 144 - 145 MHz: Free Space Forward Gain: 17.55 dBi: Front to Back Ratio: 38 dB: 3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth: TBA° For Horizontal Polarization : 3 dB Vertical Beamwidth: TBA° For Horizontal Polarization: G. FT8 is about 4 dB less sensitive than JT65, but with 15-second T/R sequences it's four times faster and it doesn't use Deep Search. When I was active in EME contests on 144 MHz, I was always frustrated that even with reasonably strong (for EME) signals, one's maximum JT65 QSO rate is about 12 per hour. With FT8 you can do 40 per hour, as. Log on to N0UK JT65 EME-1 . Appendix B: Lunar Propagation. Lunar Propagation Basics •Path loss ~253 dB @ 144 MHz, ~263 dB at 432 MHz •Spatial Polarization Offset •Faraday Rotation •Galactic & Solar noise •Doppler shift . Spatial Polarization Offset • Occurs due to location, e.g. my horizontal not the same as yours • Mismatch loss is 3 dB @ 45 degrees, 6 dB @ 60, >20 dB @ 90.

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JT65-HF-HB9HQX-Edition - Japanese Edition 好評配布中 --- Japanese Edition の仕様 ---・ 主要操作部分の日本語化(ローカライズ) ・ 日本仕様のQRGに変更. ・ オリジナル版では対応していない 430MHz, 1.2GHzのQRGを追加. ・ 日本の電波法に合致させるためオフバンドQRG対策(オフバンドQRGでは送信禁止). ・ バンド. Just before the Moon is scheduled to break the horizon I bring up the N0UK JT65 EME-1 chat page (It doesn't hurt to also check the JT65 EME-2 page just to see which is being currently used) and look to see who may be active, who is calling CQ, etc. Once the Moon rises above the horizon, tune the transceiver to where stations are calling CQ and see if you get any decodes by clicking the. EME auf 1.3 GHz . Mein erstes EME QSO auf 23cm war eigentlich nur ein Test um zu sehen ob es überhaupt möglich ist mit Portabelanlage über den Mond zu kommunizieren. Heinrich, DJ9YW, rechnete alles erforderliche sorgfältig aus. Er ist seit einigen Jahren auf diesem Band sehr aktiv und hat jede Menge Erfahrung. Wir entschieden uns dazu, eine Mobilstation aufzubauen um damit aus jeder Ecke. Optimized for meteor scanner, ionospheric scatter, and EME at VHF/UHF/Microwaves. WSJT-X: Modes JT65, JT9, ISCAT, Echo, JT4, MSK144, QRA64, FT8, FT4, FST4, FST4W. Primarily for use at LF, MF, HF, VHF, UHF, and microwave. MAP65: For EME an VHF and higher frequencies. Implements a panoramic, polarization-matching receiver for JT65. WSPR: Probe potential propagation paths using low-power. JT65 EME Logger is to be used only for the purpose of discussing matters related to amateur radio communications. Any non-amateur radio use is strictly prohibited. That means that you cannot use.

次にアンテナですが、デジタルモード(jt65)でのemeが主流の今、かつてのように、八木16本とか八木8本は必要ありませんが、あまり小型のアンテナだとさすがに月からの電波は受信できません。確実にemeの受信を成功させるためには、ブーム長が2波長(4m)以上の八木(写真3)を2本用意して下さい. JT65 EME Logger is to be used only for the purpose of discussing matters related to amateur radio communications. Any non-amateur radio use is strictly prohibited. That means that you cannot use this page to work JT65 or for general chit-chat. This version is the first release on CNET Download.com. Version 1.7 Release status Final Operation systems Windows Vista, Windows XP Developer Ansgar.

Für den 10 GHz-EME-Betrieb ist auf dem Stockert besonders der 10 m-Spiegel geeignet. Bei einer maximal zugelassenen Sendeleistung von 75 Watt und einem Antennengewinn von ca. 57 dBD sind die reflektierten Signale ein funkerischer Genuss. Der Öffnungswinkel der Antenne ist mit seinen 0,19° kleiner als die sichtbare Mondgröße von ca. 0,55°. Daher ist es kein Wunder, dass sich der. Weak-Signal\-Betriebsarten JT65, JT9, FT8,)geringer Informationsgehalt (Rufzeichen, Locator, Rapport))sehr emp ndlich ( 10dB als CW) )kleine Leistung DM5AHA, DG0JCG (S54) Die Betriebsart FT8 28. Mai 2019 3 / 39 Allgemeines Die Entwicklung von FT8 I Erde-Mond-Erde )hohe Anforderungen an Technik und Antennen I Robuste Betriebsart senkt Aufwand fur EME I 2003: Joe Taylor, K1JT fuhrt JT65 f ur. JT65, EME and the reality of Deep Search for me. I have had to re-write this posting. I initially spent quite some time dealing with issues around the possibility of false QSOs - indeed the possibility of JT65 QSOs carried out using JT65 not being QSOs at all. The statistics of this are clear to me - JT65 with or without Deep Search is.

Sync tone is the reference mouse-click frequency for JT65. JT65A signal bandwidth extends about 200Hz above 1270.5Hz sync. The lowest tone of the JT65 signal is normally 1270Hz. The system allows approximately +/-600Hz auto-tuning on receive. source: specifications JT65A/JT65/JT65-HF mode is normally used on HF, MF, LF and 6 meter bands So, when JT65 prints RO, RRR or 73 and the average EME'er thinks that the program has decoded these characters. This is not true, it prints them on the screen when a certain tone spacing is confirmed and no coding is involved. Actually, instead or RO K1JT could have decided to print this message on the screen Some thoughts about JT65. Computer aided EME? Some thoughts about JT65 Category: Miscellaneous, Created: 2007-11-25 15:44:37 CW is the ultimate way of small signal communication among radio amateurs. Even though it may seem a bit old fashioned to exchange dots and dashes, it is communication by the human ear and radio equipment. There are new attempts to communicate using the computer to.

For EME, JT65 had a similar and dramatic effect, enabling many modest stations to communicate off the Moon. This article discusses specifics of using these modes during VHF+ contests. Why is this software so important to VHF+ contesting? Because with this software and these modes, you can work stations that you could not ordinarily work using CW or SSB. This boosts your grid count and. sm4ggc.s JT65 relies on the computer's clock being very accurate. If it's off by a second or more, it won't decode the messages. We recommend the free Dimension 4 program to keep your clock in sync with an accurate Internet time service; Make sure that the audio level into the software is set correctly. If the level of the audio coming into your sound card is too high, the audio may be clipped. JT65-HF is an adaptation of the JT65A protocol with an emphasis upon its usage in the high frequency Amateur bands to facilitate weak signal communications and experimentation. JT65-HF would not be possible without the efforts of Joe Taylor - K1JT and his WSJT software upon which JT65-HF is, in part, based. All users of JT65 whether with WSJT, MultiPSK or JT65-HF owe a debt of gratitude to.

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Since 6m EME isn't easy, I liked the challenge (more so after using the new WSJT - JT65 mode). Unfortunately, in Prague, 6m operation almost impossible because of (compared to neighboring states) old analog TV in 1st television channel. It seems to be ok, you can suppose that in short time period will be analog TV broadcasting turn off and digital TV will move to UHF band. However on 1st TV. 80th percentile or better station (i.e. we want to be able to work 80% of the JT65 capable 2m EME stations out there) Operation in EME contests and EME DX'ing; earn a 2m EME DXCC; We have come up with the following station design parameters to meet these goals: An array of four cross-polarized antennas with an aggregate gain of approximately 23 dBi; A new 26′ Rohn 55G tower to support the. Please send 73 (JT65 standard message #5) after you receive my RRR so I know the contact is complete. As soon as I receive 73, I will either call the next station on the list or go back to CQ (if I don't see any callers). Below is an example of how this works in an EME pileup, using E51SIX as the DXpedition station JT65 EME Logger. By Ansgar Moding | July 31, 2007. Download Now Download Now. Welcome to the W7GJ Home Page

WSJT (Weak Signal communications, by K1JT) beziehungsweise WSJT-X als deren aktuelle Version, ist eine Gruppe von Übertragungsprotokollen und eine freie Amateurfunk-Software zur Kommunikation mithilfe von schwachen Signalen.Sie wurden vom Funkamateur und Nobelpreisträger für Physik Professor Joseph Hooton Taylor, Jr. (Amateurfunkrufzeichen K1JT) entwickelt The search for EME/JT65 produced no results.. Please note that you must be logged in to access most search features. Registration is free and only takes a minute. Please above or click here to register now WSJT is a computer program used for weak-signal radio communication between amateur radio operators.The program was initially written by Joe Taylor, K1JT, but is now open source and is developed by a small team. The digital signal processing techniques in WSJT make it substantially easier for amateur radio operators to employ esoteric propagation modes, such as high speed meteor scatter and. Q65 would appear to be a huge leap in performance over JT65 and I look forward to some EME trials. A quote from Lance W7GJ:-Q65 is now available for widespread use on 6m EME (as well as on ionoscatter, where it has proven very effective since it is immune to meteor bursts). I think it should also excel on TEP, where multipath causes doppler spreading. Please refer to the links below to.

Die hellblaue Textbox in JT65 und EME Echo zeigt Daten zur Nachführung der Antenne zum Mond, zum Messen des Sonnenrauschens, zur Empfängerabstimmung [...] und zur Bestimmung der Wegdämpfung. pe2pe.eu. pe2pe.eu. To improve the accuracy of predicted [...] Doppler shifts of EME signals, a larger [...] number of terms was used in the series expansion for lunar distance. pe2pe.eu. pe2pe.eu. Um. DARC VHF, UHF + Microwave Contest Mai 2020. VHF Contest DM/NS-108 Piesberg. Was die Verantwortlichen vom DARC da umtreibt, kannste auch nicht nachvollziehen . Ich möchte hier klarstellen, dass ich mich an alle Gesetze, Pandemie-Regeln und Social Distancing gehalten habe. Nicht, dass hier jemand auf komische Ideen kommt Free download page for Project WSJT's wsjtx-2.2.-win64.exe.The WSJT project currently includes five programs designed for amateur radio communication using state of the art digital techniques. Typical applications include meteor scatter, EME (moonboun.. Jt65 was designed for eme (moonbounce) on the vhf/uhf bands and has also proved very effective for worldwide qrp communication at hf; I hear/see jt65 signals at 14076 khz via my sdr and even have a decoder for them. I had actually already read that particular article but still did not have a clear sense of exactly what the purpose of jt65 is. Now is a good time to see how well jt65a can. Setup for Q65 is much like setup for JT65 and QRA64. The fist thing to do of course is make sure you have WSJTX 2.4 installed on your PC. If you have have been using an easlier version of WSJTX, it will use the same configuration files, so none of you custom settings will be lost. You will get the same familiar user interface, except now in the Mode menu you will se that QRA64 has been.

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SSPA 500W out in JT65: 1st 432 MHz EME QSO July 27 2013 On the right is my small EME array for 2m and 70cm. The antennas are InnovAntennas G0KSC LFA's. There are currently 4 18 element 432 LFA's on the left of the H-Frame and 2 15 element LFA's on the right. Justin, G0KSC designed both the antennas as well as the H-Frame for the two bands. Thus, there are two 'Splitter Bars which you might. EME on 70mhz, is it possible? Interested in giving it a go? Then please email me...! On Tuesday the 17th of January, 2006 both myself (GD0TEP) and Robert (GD4GNH) decided to try and find out just was possible with WSJT in JT65 mode, ECHO testing on the 70mhz band (4m) What follows here is what we've found, plus a brief description of equipment used. One point that must be made absolutely clear. 2 meter EME - Q65 - JT65 - Competition Extremely Low Noise Yagi Antenna 2 x 16 Elements PA144-CROSS-.. 465.00€ Add to Cart. 144 MHz XPOL Low Noise Yagi Antenna 16 Element PA144-XPOL-16-4.5B. 2 meter 8 + 8 XPOL element Yagi Antenna for MS, EME - WSJT FSK441 PA144-XPOL-16-4.5B Excellent Su.. 195.00€ Add to Cart. 2m XPOL EME - Contest Yagi Antenna 18el with World Best TANT G/T -6.29dB PA144.

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Operating Procedure Please add A35JT to your CALLS3.TXT file and set your computer to decode in the Include average in deep search mode so... JT65A mode will be used for all 6m EME operation, and the DXpedition will always transmit in the FIRST SEQUENCE. If you ARE seeing a signal from us IN THE. JT65 is the JT mode for EME. JT9 is a tiny bit more sensitive than JT65, but JT9 requires more frequency stability than you can really get with VHF-and-up EME. $\endgroup$ - hobbs - KC2G Jan 17 '20 at 19:0

KB7Q EME DXpeditions: DN65/DN66/DN85 6M Grid Trip June 19VE7TIL 2m EME Station

JT65-HF-HB9HQX-Edition download SourceForge

3DA0MB Swaziland EME. 3DA0VV, PA3CMC, ZS6JON, PA2CHR, ZS6EME, ZS6AVH will be active from Swaziland 3 - 18 October 2017 as 3DA0MB. They will operate EME on 2m, 70cm, 23 cm Bands JT65, CW. QSL via PA3CMC ベランダ EME への道. スペースの関係上,一番 QRV している局が多いらしい 2m(144MHz)のアンテナは設置出来ないので,23cm(1200MHz)か 70cm(430MHz)で挑戦したいと思っています.やりたいやりたいと言い出して早3年.まだまだ過程を楽しむつもりです. HB9Q QRV 50 MHz EME with new antenna. Since April 2020 we are QRV 50 MHz EME with our new 4x7el x-yagi with full elevation. We TX circular and we RX adaptive, using Linrad, MAP65 and 4 instances of WSJT-X. During early April we enjoyed very much to work a good number of new initials. If you are interested to work us, please drop as an e-mail to.

Screen capture of earlier version WSJT/JT44 1Big Power, Big Dish Set to be Active for 1296 MHz Moonbounce

File: JT65 EME Logger Date added: 1.05.2012 Size: 46.75 MB Type of compression: zip Total downloads: 8221 By: wonbary File checked: Kaspersky Download speed: 19 Mb/s date: 2.03.2012 author: iniron JT65 EME Logger This is an Earth Moon Earth (EME) Chat interface for amateur radio operators hosted by Chris Cox.. JT65. An introduction to JT65: A weak‐signal high frequency digital mode. WSJT modes of di it l digital communi ti ca on were ori i ll g na y dl d eve oped by Joe T l ay or (K1JT) in 2001 as a method of communicating via radio in conditions where other modes would not be intelligible. These so called WSPR (weak signal propagation) modes use. JT65 predates FT8 and was generally for VHF/UHF EME work, but guys figured out that it would work on HF. With a 1 minute cycle per transmission (I.E. you transmit for the first 47 seconds on an even minute. The other station transmits for the first 47 seconds on the odd minute. The remaining 13 seconds in each minute is receive processing) a JT65 QSO can take up to 6 minutes. FT8 is. K7XQ, was monitoring the JT65 EME chat Web site. Jeff was waiting for the moon to rise over his horizon, at which point he was looking to schedule an EME QSO with someone else monitoring the Web site traf- fic. A message from Dave, W5UN, on the EME chat page indicated that he was also receiving strange call signs from his enor- mous 2 meter array in Texas: these call signs were WB2FKO and.

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